If You close Your eyes It's a beautiful World
Certain things are better left unsaid.
But that doesnt mean they should not be expressed.
Open not only your eyes..but your heart and your mind as well
If You close Your eyes It's a beautiful World








I think we should give a fuck. Its because of this “wannabe” audience that djs are selling out. Its because of this audience that we have girls kissing trees and dying at events. Its because of them that the atmosphere at festivals and shows has changed and theres bad vibes all around. So yeah Id rather keep them out. And if that selfish need to keep the scene I love intact makes me a bitch then alright then. I can live with that.

Get over it. With “edm” getting more popular by the day of course there’s going to be people attending events for the hype. Just worry about your experience and enjoy the music.

Guys it’s just a meme commenting on how edm songs on the radio make people jump quickly into it. It’s just a commentary on how fast they jump into the scene.
Let’s concentrate on the unity aspect of plur and welcome anyone who wants to dress up and dance the night away. We should educate “newcomers” on drug safety and prudence in their partying but not keep people out. If this scene is based on community, we should welcome everyone with open arms and help shape the growth of our shows and festivals in a positive way.
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I can’t keep letting bad things happen to my Car. It’s the only prized possession I have =[
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